kspaceFirstOrder3D-OMP  1.1
The C++ implementation of the k-wave toolbox for the time-domain simulation of acoustic wave fields in 3D
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oCTBaseFloatMatrixAbstract base class for float based matrices defining basic interface. Higher dimensional matrices stored as 1D arrays, row-major order
oCTBaseIndexMatrixAbstract base class for index based matrices defining basic interface. Higher dimensional matrices stored as 1D arrays, row-major order
oCTBaseMatrixAbstract base class, the common ancestor defining the common interface and allowing derived classes to be allocated, freed and loaded from the file using the Matrix container
oCTBaseOutputHDF5StreamAbstract base class for output data streams (sampled data)
oCTCommandLineParametersThe class to parse and store command line parameters
oCTComplexMatrixThe class for complex matrices
oCTCuboidOutputHDF5StreamOutput stream for quantities sampled by a cuboid corner sensor mask
|\CTCuboidInfoThis structure information about a HDF5 dataset (one cuboid). Namely, its HDF5_ID, Starting position in a lineup buffer
oCTDimensionSizesStructure with 4D dimension sizes (3 in space and 1 in time)
oCTFFTWComplexMatrixClass implementing 3D Real-To-Complex and Complex-To-Real transforms using FFTW interface
oCTFloatComplexStructure for complex values
oCTHDF5_FileClass wrapping the HDF5 routines
oCTHDF5_FileHeaderClass for HDF5 header
oCTIndexMatrixThe class for 64b unsigned integers (indices). It is used for sensor_mask_index or sensor_corners_mask to get the address of sampled voxels
oCTIndexOutputHDF5StreamOutput stream for quantities sampled by an index sensor mask
oCTKSpaceFirstOrder3DSolverClass responsible for running the k-space first order 3D method
oCTMatrixContainerClass implementing the matrix container
oCTMatrixRecordA structure storing details about the matrix. The matrix container stores this structures
oCTOutputStreamContainerA container for output streams
oCTParametersClass storing all parameters of the simulation
oCTRealMatrixThe class for real matrices
oCTTimeMeasureClass measuring elapsed time
oCTuxyz_sgxyzMatrixThe velocity matrix
\CTWholeDomainOutputHDF5StreamOutput stream for quantities sampled in the whole domain