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k-Wave Support
Announcements – Details of upcoming releases and known issues
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General Questions – Provide feedback or comments, or ask general questions about k-Wave
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Installation – Trouble getting started with k-Wave?
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Report Bugs – Report any k-Wave issues and bugs
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Feature Requests – Request k-Wave enhancements and new features
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User Functions – Submit or discuss custom k-Wave functionality
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Octave – Running k-Wave in Octave
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Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) – Running MATLAB simulations on the GPU
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Photoacoustic and Thermoacoustic Tomography
Photoacoustic Simulations – The simulation of photoacoustic and thermoacoustic data using k-Wave
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Image Reconstruction – Tomographic reconstruction of photoacoustic and thermoacoustic images
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General Acoustics
Ultrasound Simulations – Simulating ultrasound propagation
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Diagnostic Images – Simulating the formation of diagnostic ultrasound images
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Acoustic Simulations – Simulating general acoustic phenomena
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Nonlinear Acoustics – Simulation of nonlinear wave propagation
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Elastic Wave Simulations – Simulation of compressional and shear waves in elastic media
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Using the C++ Code
CPU Binaries – Questions related to the compiled C++ binaries
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GPU Binaries – Questions related to the compiled CUDA binaries for NVIDIA GPUs
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C++ Source Codes – Using, extending, or recompiling the C++ and CUDA source codes
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Report Bugs – Report bugs specific to the C++ code
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