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Filter input with high or low pass filter.


filtered_signal = applyFilter(signal, Fs, cutoff_f, filter_type)
filtered_signal = applyFilter(signal, Fs, cutoff_f, filter_type, ...)


applyFilter filters an input signal using filter. The FIR filter coefficients are based on a Kaiser window with the specified cut-off frequency and filter type ('HighPass', 'LowPass' or 'BandPass'). Both causal and zero phase filters can be applied. An example of using applyFilter is given below.

% create a time series with a single monopolar pulse
N = 100;
dt = 1e-3;
t = 0:dt:dt * (N-1);
pulse = zeros(length(t), 1);
pulse(25) = 1;
% filter using applyFilter
pulse_filtered_lp = applyFilter(pulse, 1/dt, 100, 'LowPass', 'Plot', true, 'ZeroPhase', true);
pulse_filtered_hp = applyFilter(pulse, 1/dt, 100, 'HighPass', 'Plot', true);
pulse_filtered_bp = applyFilter(pulse, 1/dt, [50, 250], 'BandPass', 'Plot', true, 'ZeroPhase', true);

% plot the filtered time series
[~, scale, prefix] = scaleSI(max(t));
plot(t * scale, pulse, 'k-', ...
     t * scale, pulse_filtered_lp, 'r-', ...
     t * scale, pulse_filtered_hp, 'b-', ...
     t * scale, pulse_filtered_bp, 'g-');
xlabel(['Time [' prefix 's]']);
ylabel('Signal Amplitude [au]');
legend('Original Signal', 'Zero Phase Low Pass Filter', 'Causal High Pass Filter', 'Zero Phase Band Pass Filter', 'Location', 'best');


func signal to filter
Fs sampling frequency [Hz]
cutoff_f filter cutoff frequency/s [Hz]
filter_type 'HighPass', 'LowPass' or 'BandPass'

Optional Inputs

Optional 'string', value pairs that may be used to modify the default computational settings.

Input Valid Settings Default Description
'Plot' (Boolean scalar) false Boolean controlling whether the amplitude spectrum is displayed before and after filtering.
'StopBandAtten' (numeric scalar) 60 Attenuation in decibels in the stop band.
'TransitionWidth' (numeric scalar) 0.1 Size of the transition based on the temporal sampling frequency.
'ZeroPhase' (Boolean scalar) false Boolean controlling whether a zero phase filter is used.


filtered_signal the filtered signal


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