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Compute a linear transformation matrix from two points.


[rotMat, offsetPos] = computeLinearTransform(pos1, pos2)
[rotMat, offsetPos] = computeLinearTransform(pos1, pos2, offset)


computeLinearTransform calculates a linear transformation matrix that maps from the origin to a point in space, where the orientation of the transformation is defined by a second point in space. It can be used to generate a transformation matrix for bowl (or disc) transducers, where pos1 is the Cartesian position of the centre of the rear surface of the bowl or disc, and pos2 is any point on the beam axis.

An offset can optionally be defined which specifies a distance along the vector from pos1 to pos2. The position of this offset in transformed space is returned as offsetPos. Note, giving a value for offset does not modify the rotation matrix.


pos1 Cartesian position given as a three element vector [bx, by, bz] [m]
pos2 Cartesian position given as a three element vector [fx, fy, fz] [m]

Optional Inputs

offset Scalar distance along the vector pos1->pos2 [m]


rotMat Rotation matrix
offsetPos Vector position of offset input [m]

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