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Return a frequency domain windowing function.


win = getWin(N, type)
win = getWin(N, type, ...)
[win, cg] = getWin(N, type)
[win, cg] = getWin(N, type, ...)


getWin returns a 1D, 2D, or 3D frequency domain window of the specified type of the given dimensions. By default, higher dimensional windows are created using the outer product. The windows can alternatively be created using rotation by setting the optional input 'Rotation' to true. The coherent gain of the window can also be returned. Several examples are given below.

getWin(32, 'Hanning', 'Plot', true);
getWin(32, 'Hanning', 'Plot', true, 'Symmetric', false);
getWin([32, 32], 'Gaussian', 'Plot', true);
getWin([30, 40], 'Gaussian', 'Plot', true, 'Rotation', true);



number of samples, use

N = Nx for 1D
N = [Nx Ny] for 2D
N = [Nx Ny Nz] for 3D


window type. Supported values are


Optional Inputs

Optional 'string', value pairs that may be used to modify the default computational settings.

Input Valid Settings Default Description
'Plot' (Boolean scalar) false Boolean controlling whether the window is displayed.
'Param' (numeric scalar) 0.16 ('Blackman')
0.5 ('Gaussian')
3 ('Kaiser')
0.5 ('Tukey')
Control parameter for the Blackman, Gaussian, Kaiser, and Tukey windows.
'Rotation' (Boolean scalar) false Boolean controlling whether 2D and 3D windows are created via rotation or the outer product. Windows created via rotation will have edge values outside the window radius set to zero.
'Symmetric' (Boolean) true Boolean controlling whether the window is symmetrical. If set to false, a window of length N + 1 is created and the first N points are returned. For 2D and 3D windows, 'Symmetric' can be defined as a vector defining the symmetry in each matrix dimension.
'Square' (Boolean scalar) false Boolean controlling whether the window is forced to be square. If set to true and Nx and Nz are not equal, the window is created using the smaller variable, and then padded with zeros.


win window
cg coherent gain of the window