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Create evenly distributed Cartesian points covering an arc.


arc = makeCartArc(arc_pos, radius, diameter, focus_pos, num_points, plot_arc)


makeCartArc creates a 2 x num_points array of the Cartesian coordinates of points evenly distributed over an arc. The midpoint of the arc is set by arc_pos. The orientation of the arc is set by focus_pos, which corresponds to any point on the axis of the arc (note, this must not be equal to arc_pos). It is assumed that the arc angle is equal to or less than pi radians. If the radius is set to inf, a line is generated.

Note, the first and last points do not lie on the end-points of the underlying canonical arc, but are offset by half the angular spacing between the points. The plot that is displayed after calling makeCartArc([0, 0], 60e-3, 60e-3, [1, 0], 30, true); is given below.


arc_pos Centre of the rear surface (midpoint) of the arc given as a two element vector [bx, by] [m]
radius Radius of curvature of the arc [m]
diameter Diameter of the opening of the arc (length of line connecting arc endpoints) [m]
focus_pos Any point on the beam axis of the arc given as a two element vector [fx, fy] [m]
num_points number of points on the arc

Optional Inputs

plot_arc Boolean controlling whether the Cartesian points are plotted (default = false)


points 2 x num_points array of Cartesian points

See Also

makeArc, makeCartDisc