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Convert scan-lines in polar coordinates to a B-mode ultrasound image.


b_mode = scanConversion(scan_lines, steering_angles, image_size, c0, dt)
b_mode = scanConversion(scan_lines, steering_angles, image_size, c0, dt, resolution)


scanConversion computes the remapping between a series of scan lines in polar coordinates (i.e., taken at different steering angles) to a B-mode ultrasound image in Cartesian coordinates suitable for display. The remapping is performed using bilinear interpolation via interp2.


scan_lines matrix of scan lines indexed as (angle, time)
steering_angles array of scanning angles [degrees]
image_size [x, y] size of the desired output image [m]
c0 sound speed in the medium [m/s]
dt time step used in the acquisition of the scan lines [s]
resolution optional input to set the resolution of the output images in pixels (default = [256, 256])


b_mode the converted B-mode ultrasound image

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