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Write input flags to a k-Wave HDF5 file




writeFlags reads the input HDF5 file and derives and writes the required source and medium flags based on the datasets present in the file. For example, if the file contains a data set named 'BonA', the nonlinear_flag will be written as true. Conditional flags are also written. The source mode flags are written when appropriate if they are not already present in the file. The default source mode is 'additive'.

List of flags that are always written

  • ux_source_flag
  • uy_source_flag
  • uz_source_flag
  • p_source_flag
  • p0_source_flag
  • transducer_source_flag
  • nonuniform_grid_flag
  • nonlinear_flag
  • absorbing_flag
  • sensor_mask_type

List of conditional flags

  • u_source_mode
  • u_source_many
  • p_source_mode
  • p_source_many



name of HDF5 file to write matrix to

See Also

writeAttributes, writeGrid, writeMatrix

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