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k-Wave Toolbox


Write grid and PML properties to a k-Wave HDF5 file.


writeGrid(filename, grid_size, grid_spacing, pml_size, pml_alpha, Nt, dt, c_ref)


writeGrid creates and writes the wavenumber grids and PML variables required by the k-Wave C++ code to the HDF5 file specified by the user.

List of parameters that are written:

  • Nx
  • Nx
  • Ny
  • Nz
  • Nt
  • dt
  • dx
  • dy
  • dz
  • c_ref
  • pml_x_alpha
  • pml_y_alpha
  • pml_z_alpha
  • pml_x_size
  • pml_y_size
  • pml_z_size


filename name of HDF5 file to write matrix to
grid_size [Nx, Ny, Nz]
grid_spacing [dx, dy, dz]
pml_size [pml_x_size, pml_y_size, pml_z_size]
pml_alpha [pml_x_alpha, pml_y_alpha, pml_z_alpha]
Nt number of time points
dt time step
c_ref scalar sound speed used in the k-space operator and to define the pml variables

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