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Extract amplitude and phase from CW signals.


amp = extractAmpPhase(data, Fs, source_freq)
amp = extractAmpPhase(data, Fs, source_freq, ...)
[amp, phase] = extractAmpPhase(data, Fs, source_freq)
[amp, phase] = extractAmpPhase(data, Fs, source_freq, ...)
[amp, phase, freq] = extractAmpPhase(data, Fs, source_freq)
[amp, phase, freq] = extractAmpPhase(data, Fs, source_freq, ...)


extractAmpPhse extracts the amplitude and phase information at a specified frequency from a vector or matrix of time series data. By default the time dimension is set to the highest non-singleton dimension. The amplitude and phase are extracted from the frequency spectrum, which is calculated using a windowed and zero padded FFT. The values are extracted at the frequency closest to source_freq.


data matrix of time signals [s]
Fs sampling frequency [Hz]
source_freq frequency at which the amplitude and phase should be extracted [Hz]

Optional Inputs

Optional 'string', value pairs that may be used to modify the default computational settings.

Input Valid Settings Default Description
'Dim' (integer scalar) first non-singleton dimension Dimension over which the signals vary in time.
'FFTPadding' (scalar) 3 Scaling parameter used to zero pad the FFT, where the FFT length = FFTPadding * Nt.
'Window' (string) 'Rectangular' Parameter string controlling the window type used to filter the signal before the FFT is taken. Any valid input types for getWin may be used.


amp amplitude [au]
phase phase between 0 and 2*pi [rad]
freq closest frequency to source_freq at which amplitude and phase are extracted [Hz]

See Also

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