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Create a Gaussian distribution.


gauss_distr = gaussian(x)
gauss_distr = gaussian(x, magnitude)
gauss_distr = gaussian(x, magnitude, mean)
gauss_distr = gaussian(x, magnitude, mean, variance)


gaussian returns a Gaussian distribution f(x) with the specified magnitude, mean, and variance. If these values are not specified, the magnitude is normalised and values of variance = 1 and mean = 0 are used. For example running

x = -3:0.05:3;
plot(x, gaussian(x));

will plot a normalised Gaussian distribution.

Note, the full width at half maximum of the resulting distribution can be calculated by FWHM = 2 * sqrt(2 * log(2) * variance).


x x-axis variable

Optional Inputs

magnitude bell height (default = normalised)
mean mean or expected value (default = 0)
variance variance ~ bell width (default = 1)


gauss_distr Gaussian distribution

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