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Compute underlying Fourier band-limited interpolant (BLI).


BLI = getBLI(func)
BLI = getBLI(func, dx)
BLI = getBLI(func, dx, sampling_factor)
BLI = getBLI(func, dx, sampling_factor, plot_BLI)
BLI = getBLI(func, [], [], plot_BLI)
[x_fine, BLI] = getBLI(func, dx, sampling_factor, plot_BLI)


getBLI computes the underlying band-limited interpolant (BLI) of a discretely sampled 1D function assuming a Fourier basis. The example below shows the BLI of a discrete spatial delta function.

delta = zeros(20, 1);
delta(end/2) = 1;
getBLI(delta, 0.001, 10, true);


func 1D input function

Optional Inputs

dx spatial sampling [m] (default = 1)
upsampling_factor spatial sampling used to sample the underlying BLI (default = 20)
plot_BLI Boolean controlling whether the discrete input function and its BLI are displayed (default = false)


BLI band-limited interpolant
x_fine x-grid for BLI

See Also

getDeltaBLI, spect