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Exact BLI of an arbitrarily positioned delta function.


f = getDeltaBLI(Nx, dx, x, x0)


getDeltaBLI calculates the exact BLI of an arbitrarily positioned delta function. For grid dimensions with an evenly-sampled periodicity, a small Nyquist frequency sinusoid is added. This sinusoid is invisible on grid samples and has zero amplitude when the delta function lies on a grid node. It is important when the evaluation points aren't grid nodes, and when the delta function is off-grid. It serves to ensure conjugate symmetry in the BLI's Fourier transform.


Nx Number of grid points in the relevant Cartesian direction
dx Grid point spacing [m]
x Coordinates at which the BLI is evaluated [m]
x0 Coordinate at which the BLI is centred [m]


f Value of the BLI at the specified coordinates

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