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Find PML size to give the smallest prime factors.


pml_sz = getOptimalPMLSize(grid_sz)
pml_sz = getOptimalPMLSize(grid_sz, pml_range)
pml_sz = getOptimalPMLSize(grid_sz, [], axisymmetric)
pml_sz = getOptimalPMLSize(grid_sz, pml_range, axisymmetric)


getOptimalPMLSize finds the size of the perfectly matched layer (PML) that gives an overall grid size with the smallest prime factors when using the first-order simulation functions in k-Wave with the optional input 'PMLInside', false. Choosing grid sizes with small prime factors can have a significant impact on the computational speed, as the code computes spatial gradients using the fast Fourier transform (FFT).



Grid size defined as a one (1D), two (2D), or three (3D) element vector. Alternatively, can be an object of the kWaveGrid class defining the Cartesian and k-space grid fields.

Optional Inputs

pml_range Two element vector specifying the minimum and maximum PML size (default = [10, 40]).
axisymmetric If using the axisymmetric code, string specifying the radial symmetry. Allowable inputs are 'WSWA' and 'WSWS' (default = []). This is important as the axisymmetric code only applies to the PML to the outside edge in the radial dimension.


pml_opt PML size that gives the overall grid with the smallest prime factors.

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