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Create a 3D Cartesian sphere.


sphere = makeCartSphere(radius, num_points)
sphere = makeCartSphere(radius, num_points, center_pos)
sphere = makeCartSphere(radius, num_points, center_pos, plot_sphere)


makeCartSphere creates a 3 x num_points array of the Cartesian coordinates of points evenly distributed over a sphere using the Golden Section Spiral method. The function is based on code by Patric Boucher and Henry Bland on http://www.xsi-blog.com. The 3D plot that is displayed after calling makeCartSphere(10, 500, [0,0,0], true); is given below.


radius sphere radius [m]
num_points number of points on the sphere

Optional Inputs

center_pos [x, y, z] position of the circle center [m] (default = [0, 0, 0])
plot_sphere Boolean controlling whether the Cartesian coordinates are plotted using plot3 (default = false)


sphere 3 x num_points array matrix of Cartesian points


See Also

cart2grid, makeCartCircle, makeSphere