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Reorder data from a binary sensor mask.


data = reorderBinarySensorData(data, reorder_index)


reorderBinarySensorData reorders sensor data returned by the k-Wave simulation functions (e.g., kspaceFirstOrder2D and kspaceFirstOrder3D) according to a given reordering index. This is useful when using a binary sensor mask in place of a Cartesian sensor mask with nearest neighbour interpolation (Cartesian sensor masks are not supported by the C++ codes).

Example syntax (assuming sensor.record is not defined)

% convert Cartesian sensor mask to binary sensor mask
[sensor.mask, ~, reorder_index] = cart2grid(kgrid, sensor.mask);

% run simulation
sensor_data = kspaceFirstOrder3DC(kgrid, medium, source, sensor)

% reorder output to order used in Cartesian sensor mask
sensor_data = reorderBinarySensorData(sensor_data, reorder_index);

If recording multiple outputs, then pass the individual outputs (e.g., sensor_data.ux) to reorderBinarySensorData.


data sensor data returned by the k-Wave simulation functions indexed as (sensor_point_index, time_index)
reorder_index order of the Cartesian sensor points in the binary mask (this is returned by cart2grid)


data reordered data according to the order of the sensor points defined in the original Cartesian sensor mask

See Also

reorderSensorData, unmaskSensorData