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Return the Cartesian coordinates of the non-zero points of a binary grid.


[cart_data, order_index] = grid2cart(kgrid, grid_data)


grid2cart returns the set of Cartesian coordinates corresponding to the non-zero elements in the binary matrix grid_data, in the coordinate framework defined in kgrid.


kgrid k-Wave grid object returned by kWaveGrid
grid_data binary grid with the same dimensions as the k-Wave grid kgrid


cart_data 1 x N, 2 x N, or 3 x N (for 1, 2, and 3 dimensions) array of Cartesian sensor points
order_index the order that the Cartesian points appear in grid_data according to MATLAB's standard column-wise linear matrix index ordering

See Also

cart2grid, interpCartData, kWaveGrid